Why Choose Us

We have worked on events from Millionaires balls to simple assignments like leaflet distribution and product launch for Chips Away. We have a dedicated team of staff who are very approachable, amenable, friendly, confident and well presented for any occasion, with lots of modelling and promotional experience in many different fields of expertise.We go that extra mile to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to your specification.We have a reputation for providing good a quality service at competitive rates.

If you’re hosting a one off event such as a product launch or a club opening, we can add a touch of glamour to the event providing you with promotion or modelling staff

Become A model


Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself means on the inside too. If you always feel negative, consider getting help to change this approach..



High fashion, editorial, print, commercial, runway… What kind of modelling are you best suited for?


Educate Yourself

Schooling and college are important but it also matters to be a “learner for life”. Find ways to keep learning through reading, studying others, doing things differently and staying open to advice.