Aces promotional staff are halfway between being event staff & models – They are hired to provide clients and guests with information, demonstrations and overall a great welcome to both brands and products alike. Aces promotional staff can be seen in the field operating on behalf of high street brands to promote new products or services, but you can even hire them to attend certain events to cater to your own guests.

Aces Promotional staff hire for an event is a fantastic ides if you’re setting up a party or show that is showcasing a product line or looking to convert potential investors in your business.  These hardworking staff will interact with guests and clientele, and are both welcoming and highly knowledgeable in the product line they are demonstrating.  Think of them as salespeople without the final sale – they’re great at showcasing the best of your business and creating a brilliant first impression.

While Aces promotional staff are used on a corporate basis for obvious reasons, this doesn’t mean that they are impersonal or purely focused on the business at hand – far from it!  Along with any hostess or event staff you may have organised for a corporate event, promotional representatives are extraordinarily versatile and are great for creating an infectious sense of enthusiasm – not only in the brands that they are promoting, but also in creating a welcoming and happy atmosphere.  Promotional staff are experts in spreading cheer while promoting brands and products with ease.

Aces Promotional teams are focused on creating positive and memorable encounters and it’s with this staff that you can expect some equally positive feedback from clients and guests.  They are skilled at not only educating about and demonstrating a brand or product, but also developing rapport with people and potentially converting guests into investors.  For a unique approach to a corporate event or product launch, considering promotional staff should be one of your first ports of call.